Stua Sewing Armchair

Stua Sewing Armchair
Jon Gasca

The SEAM sofa pays homage to the noble tradition of tailoring. The collection seems timeless, but there are a lot of innovations involved in it: SUPER FINE STRUCTURE: The interior of the sofa is made of molded wood. This thin and strong structure saves space behind the back. The subtle curve of the back allows us to place it anywhere in the room, even as a room divider. STYLE YOUR LEGS A: The legs can be installed in straight or angled as desired. PILLOWS PILLOW STYLE: Sewing Each seat has two cushions as a backup, which are also trippable. The largest is the smallest foam and soft and is filled with natural feather LOUNGE CHAIR MOBILE: The chaise longue can be changed by the couch at any time. REMOVABLE: Sewing upholstery is carefully crafted tailoring techniques. Sewing whole collection is completely removable. FABRICS STUA offers 18 fabrics with different characteristics according to your needs: Cloths fire-retardant. Fabrics for easy cleaning. machine washable fabrics. Resistant to facilities. O Ultra-soft. It includes a cushion 30x60cm.



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