Upholstered Gas Chair with Stua Arms

Upholstered Gas Chair with Stua Arms
Jesús Gasca

Gas, design Jesus Gasca, 2000 At Stua we have thought about the future and have dreamed a light, fluid chair like a gas. In this chair every curve, each edge and each joint are made with exquisite attention to detail. Upholstered seat and back. The structure of the chair is injected and extruded aluminum. Stackable in the versions without arms and arms. The Gas chair is for indoor use. All chrome Stua are made in trivalent chromium, the greenest of chrome. A plant that respects the environment. Design quality is perceived in each union and detail until a smooth and well finished chair from any point of view. The Gas chair has won the GS (German Standards) certified by the German Institute TÜV Rheinland.



I.V.A incluido

422,29 €