Middle cabinet Three Heights - Sapporo

Middle cabinet Three Heights - Sapporo
Jesús Gasca

Sapporo, design Jesus Gasca, 1998 is a single module that can compose, by stacking, from 1 to 6 heights. The units sit on a steel base or fixed wheel (wheels only up to two heights). In each shelf carries an aluminum guide for sliding doors. The furniture is always finished in white (like the snows of the Japanese city of Sapporo) and a width of 120 cm. The system is always ready with front guides to put sliding doors. The doors can be: clear glass, frosted glass, red, orange, pink and anthracite plexiglass, reversible wood: oak and walnut on one side by the other side in the same door. There is the option to choose the Sapporo system with grommets to install electrical equipment inside the cabinet. The holes are two, and wear a white cap. The base is lacquered steel aluminum color or white. The fixed leg and base leg base with wheels have the same height to put a cabinet next to each other without noticeable differences in height.




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