Raphia Rocking Chair - Casamania

Raphia Rocking Chair - Casamania
Lucidi Prevere

The Raphia Rocking is the offspring of a research project into the use of materials and how they can be exploited as furnishings. it is the perfect convergence of modernity and tradition, of technology and craftsmanship. an oxymoron that brings together two of the spirits of production in italy: the metal industry and the small, timehonoured manufacturers of cane products.the aim of the project is to lend a certain continuity to the tradition of crafting with cane, one that stretches back to the beginning of the last century when the areas specialising in this craft saw schools and a culture revolving around this material thrive. today, there remain very few firms which conserve the know-how of this trade, where manual skills and craftsmanship combine to insure that every creation is unique. raphia embodies this history and tradition in a contemporary context, thanks to a harmonious balance between two materials: the metal structure is the base upon which the cane and rattan are weaved to create the seating area. Raphia Rocking is an extension of the Raphia project, the wood and metal chair was originally designed by Lucidi Pevere in 2013 for Casamania. The main feature of the collection is the combination of artisanal craft and industrial production, natural materials and metal. The rocking version incorporates many aesthetic codes of the chair such as the painted metal structure in contrast with the manual processing of the rush; profile, curves and straight sections of the structure. At the same time, Raphia Rocking chair has distinctive traits in which the chair arises exclusively for relaxation and reprieve, sleek and cozy, thanks to its lumbar pillow. The structure is available in different colors: white, bordeaux and black, the rush is in natural finish.



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