Dunas XL armchair RB base pyramidal wood

Dunas XL armchair RB base pyramidal wood
Christophe Pillet

The DUNAS XL WOOD collection, designed by Christophe Pillet, complements the DUNAS XL family of armchairs with two new and original natural oak wood bases that bring warmth to this collection of elegant armchairs. The oak wood bases, available in fixed or rotating version, are combined with comfortable upholstered bodies that are manufactured in two heights. The two base models are made of natural oak wood and the seat bodies can be upholstered with all fabrics and skins of the sample. Its essential elegance, the wide range of finishes available and the warmth of wooden bases make these seats the ideal complement for all types of public and private use lounge areas.
With smooth lines and a wraparound shape, it is made of an interior steel structure coated with high density polyurethane foam and HR resilience injected into a mold. It is manufactured in two heights.
Four-spoke rotating wooden base:
The base is manufactured with an interior steel structure and oak wood spokes that are varnished in natural color.
The spokes have adjustable lugs. 




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