Table Essay - Fritz Hansen

Table Essay - Fritz Hansen
Cecilie Manz

ESSAY ™ Exclusive series of solid wood tables; Cover and base. Created by Danish designer Cecilie Manz. What distinguishes Essay is its solid yet lightweight design. The design is a perfect example of Cecilie Manz's approach with its simple lines and sparse shape. The table consists of three elements - a table and two bases - in a simple and natural construction that gives both an elegant appearance and flexible functionality. The table is perfect as a gathering place for any home where your family, friends and guests meet. Essay is available in a variety of sizes. The cover board and bases come in various types of wood. Each of the covers can be enlarged at the ends with sheets finished in 100 x 48 cm black laminate.

72cm x 190cm x 100cm
72cm x 265cm x 100cm
72cm x 295cm x 100cm
72cm x 230cm x 100cm

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