Side Table Small Eclipse by stua | fast delivery

Side Table Small Eclipse by stua | fast delivery
Jon Gasca

Eclipse, design Jon Gasca, 2009 Eclipse tables are inspired by organic forms found in nature. Eclipse are four tables of different shapes, different sizes and different heights. This allows smaller tables that are concealed under the larger, as in the eclipses, where they take their name. With its contemporary forms, Eclipse is a contemporary vision of traditional nesting tables. They can be purchased individually. The legs are matt chrome rod solid steel. The legs are screwed to a metal insert carried by the lid. Each table has only 3 feet, the minimum necessary, and what is achieved that the tables never cojeen. The top of the tables have white lacquered satin finish, matt natural oak honed natural walnut, wenge matt.

30cm x 56cm x 71cm Grande
25cm x 44cm x 55cm Mediana
35cm x 77cm x 111cm Extra Grande
20cm x 37cm x 46cm Pequeña

I.V.A incluido

135,52 €